Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Oh yes, and for those of you interested in wedding pictures, Kaylee hasn't finished updating them yet but I'll post a couple when she does!

Ok, an Update!

Well here I am. 20 years old and Married. I'm home alone today and it's my first real day off that I've had to myself. I woke up to Lacey and Mom calling me to say goodbye. Lacey is headed down to BYU for her freshman year...what a lucky duck! She doesn't even know how much fun she's going to have and won't understand how much fun it is until she comes home for the summer next year and realizes how boring it is. Eventually I got out of bed and showered myself. After half dressing, I started cleaning the bathroom. Scrubbing the toilet, tub, counter, and floor...Cody probably won't even notice but at least I'll know that it's safe in there for a little while anyways.

I got the rest of myself dressed, make and hair done. I headed uptown and am now going to start making some banana muffins from the banana's that Cody and I bought on our first grocery trip about three weeks ago...or whenever it was. We bought what we thought were the best banana's, shortly we found out that they were NOT the best. They started going brown before they even turned yellow....I should've taken a picture but we had green banana's with brown spots. I shoved them in our over packed freezer and am now pulling them out finally! Wish me luck!