Thursday, October 14, 2010

No, I can't believe it either.

Well here I am, yes it is 5 AM and I'm awake...WIDE AWAKE. I'm ticked. You want to know why? Of course I'm going to write up the whole story....for everyone to see.. I'm just not ready to type it out yet, I'm too mad.

....Ok I'm ready. Yes I have been sitting here fuming for an hour. Ugh it's so stupid. If Cody knew I were out here fuming on the couch over this still he would kill me, or divorce me, or leave me...who knows. He would do something anyways, because this isn't normal behavior.

Alright here it goes.... I joined BuckToBid last night. It wasn't a spur of the moment thing either. I knew exactly what I wanted and why I was going to gamble the 50 dollars away on some stupid Auction. I watched the item for a week on the wish list. I even voted for it on occassion...WAITING for it to go on the auctioned list. Yesterday afternoon, my dreams came true. There it was staring me in the face, BEGGING me to buy bids so I could win it. And I was! going to win it that is! So I bought 60 bids, enough to waste a few but still have enough to win it. What is it you ask? A camera. A stupid Canon EOS Rebel XS 10.1mp DSLR camera. I know, I'm gay.

I sat there for half an hour before I called Storm to give me some pointers on how the whole thing worked, and how to win the item of my dreams. He's won before, a gift card off of I knew it wasn't a scam. It was an achievable goal to reach and I failed. I didn't get the camera. Dorothy Ann Hoare did. I sat there for three hours wasting half of my bids for her to win MY CAMERA. After I watched the clock reach 0:00.00 I said a bad word to Cody and then started crying for a few minutes. Only a few minutes though, not that long. I was pretty upset though. Apparently more upset than I thought because up until the point of 5 AM I was dreaming about that stupid Camera and the Auction. Re-living the nightmare, was a nightmare. I kept living it differently over and over again trying to change the outcome. Nightmaring about the message I was going to write to Steele and Shelly, telling them how much I hate Steele's stupid BuckToBid Deal. And telling him to get another Camera up for auction quick before I drive myself insane researching about the camera. Well it's too late for that, I woke up blazing hot and fuming mad over my stupid dream...came out here on the couch and for the past hour and a half that's exactly what I've been doing. Researching the camera. I've found out that the XSi, the Canon EOS Rebel XS 10.1mp DSLR camera's big brother, is a better camera for only roughly about $70 more.

Anyways, what do I know about camera's....that's another reason for this post. For all of you PHOTOGRAPHERS out there reading this blog right now, you'd better give me some information on what camera is the best so I can get Steele to put one on the wish list so I can use up the rest of my bids, and actually WIN this time!

blah, I better get back to bed before Cody notices that I'm out here... and you'd BETTER NOT TATTLE ON ME. I'm sure you wouldn't want to be on my bad side, nope! not after this incident!