Sunday, September 4, 2011


Ok, I know it has been a while but summer is ALWAYS busy... we are now into september where I might get back into a routine. I've started going to the gym with Cody... one day down...hahaha that's a start. I've just finished baking the BEST pumpkin chocolate chip bread EVER. And I even started going to wedding receptions again, two in the same day! HAH and those are thefirst since my own...ok wait I went to one last september..but that was more of just a family dinner.

This 'school' year seems its going to be a lot more productive for me than last. I'm feeling better about myself and my talents. I think I'm even going to try to make time for some sewing...hahah we'll see how that goes... I also have been doing some research on how to use my beloved
camera!! I just have all of these great ideas that I hope I follow through with!

Here are some photo's of what has been going on with us lately:

Cody's self haircut...he was not impressed with me taking pictures of this. But after all the arguing of him trying to get me to cut it HIS way and on HIS time, he deserved it! He's lucky I still cut it that night and didn't make him go the whole next day with it like that!

MAGRATH DAYS!!! This was how happy we were to be going to the parade, bright and early!

Some camping down in the States and boating with the Gibb clan...good times on the tube.

Oh ya, and we also took a HUGE detour through Glacier National Park...we got to see these little fella's and Logan's Pass!

and last but NOT least... my pumpkin chocolate chip bread!! mmmmm SOOO good!!!

ok time for bed, I really shouldn't even have a blog because I never go on here unless I really want to share this hahah


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